Smile Restoration Maestro: Dr. Rohit Yadav’s Work As A CorticoBasal And Strategic Implantologist

September 14, 2023by Dr. Rohit Yadav1

Re-Hab Dental Centre proudly announces the outstanding work and achievements of Dr. Rohit Yadav as a leading Prosthodontist and Corticobasal Implantologist in the Delhi NCR region. With his extensive training, clinical experience, and patient-centric approach, Dr. Yadav has restored hundreds of smiles and transformed countless lives.


Dr. Rohit Yadav


Dr. Yadav completed his postgraduate degree in Prosthodontics and Oral Implantology from King George Medical College, Lucknow, a premier institute for dental education in India. During his postgraduate training, he rehabilitated numerous patients with partial or complete tooth loss using advanced dental implants. To further augment his expertise, Dr. Yadav pursued a Master of Surgery degree in Strategic Implantology from Munich, Germany, under the guidance of the pioneering implantologist, Prof. Dr. Stephen Ihde.


Dr. Rohit Yadav’s Education And Training

Dr. Yadav’s certification by the International Implant Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia, as a Certified International IF Teacher (Implant Foundation Teacher) and Speaker on Strategic Implantology is evidence of his expertise in the subject. He has delivered lectures and conducted hands-on workshops for dentists across the globe, sharing his deep knowledge of advanced implant treatment modalities.

Advanced Implantology At Re-Hab Dental Centre

At Re-Hab Dental Centre, Dr. Yadav provides exceptional dental care using the cutting-edge Strategic Corticobasal Implantology system. This approach utilizes the patient’s natural bone structure for optimal implant placement, eliminating the need for complex bone grafting procedures. Patients benefit from quicker healing, reduced post-operative discomfort, and long-lasting function and aesthetics.

From single-tooth implants to full-mouth restorations, Dr. Yadav offers a complete range of implant solutions to rehabilitate any case of tooth loss. He is specially trained in immediacy protocols, which allow for same-day implant placement and provisionalization in suitable cases. His expertise includes advanced solutions like the Immediate Functional Loading Implants technique and zygomatic implants for patients with severe bone loss.

Patient-Centric Care

Dr. Yadav adopts a holistic approach to treating his patients. He believes in understanding the patient’s needs, aspirations, and apprehensions regarding the treatment. Customized treatment plans are formulated to suit each individual’s unique requirements, both functionally and aesthetically. Cutting-edge digital workflow, including guided implant surgery, is utilized for optimal precision and accuracy.

Best Dental Implant Surgeon In India Dr. Rohit Yadav


The successful integration of technology and human touch has allowed Dr. Yadav to achieve exceptional success rates and consistent patient satisfaction. His calm demeanor and warm persona put patients at ease through every stage of the treatment. The feedback from his patients speaks volumes about his dedication to providing the utmost comfort during the implant procedure.

Commitment To Advancing Dentistry

Besides his clinical work, Dr. Yadav is committed to continuous learning and advancing implant dentistry. He has been published in leading journals and is an active member of prestigious professional bodies like the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). As a visiting consultant to major hospitals and clinics, he shares his expertise through lectures, presentations, and live patient demonstrations.

Dr.  Rohit Yadav’s Passion For Implant Dentistry

When asked what drives his passion for implant dentistry, Dr. Yadav says, “Implants have allowed us to achieve life-like, permanent tooth replacement, which wasn’t possible before. The joy I see in my patients’ smiles and their restored confidence is gratifying. I feel privileged to transform lives using the latest advancements in my field.”
At Re-Hab Dental Centre, Dr. Yadav has built a reputation for consistently taking on complex cases and achieving exceptional results. His futuristic vision, nuanced technique, and uncompromising care have positioned him as one of the most sought-after implantologists in the NCR today. Under his able leadership, Re-Hab Dental Centre aims to continue providing world-class implant treatment and restoring the priceless gift of a confident smile.
To experience Dr. Yadav’s life-changing treatment or learn more about implants, visit or call +91 8795006097

Dr. Rohit Yadav’s profound expertise in prosthodontics and implantology has established him as a leading dental surgeon in Noida and Delhi NCR. His commitment to education and advancing dentistry, combined with his clinical excellence, has allowed Re-Hab Dental Centre to set new benchmarks in implant treatment. With Dr. Yadav spearheading smile restorations, Re-Hab Dental Centre continues transforming lives and boosting confidence daily.

Unlocking Beautiful Smiles

As a top prosthodontist and implantologist, Dr. Rohit Yadav possesses exceptional skill in crafting natural-looking and long-lasting dental restorations. He combines cutting-edge digital technology with precision techniques to create smile makeovers that appear seamless and restore optimal function.

Dr. Yadav uses advanced systems like CAD/CAM milling to fabricate life-like ceramic crowns, veneers, bridges, and implant prosthetics. Intraoral scanning captures precise optical impressions without the hassle of conventional impression materials. By leveraging these technologies, Dr. Yadav can provide non-invasive and comfortable solutions to transform flawed or missing teeth.

For patients with extensive damage due to dental disease or trauma, Dr. Yadav offers full-mouth rehabilitation, combining crowns, bridges, and implant-supported restorations. Using digital smile design principles, he creates a preview of the makeover outcome to match the patient’s facial profile and expectations. A comprehensive prosthetic solution can restore both beauty and function in harmony.

From creating natural-looking dentures to fixing an unsightly smile, prosthodontic treatments by Dr. Yadav help patients regain self-esteem and confidence. With his artistic vision and technical skills, he has unlocked countless smiles over the years, changing appearances and lives.

Embracing Innovation in Implant Dentistry

As an internationally accredited strategic implantologist, Dr. Rohit Yadav has extensive knowledge of advanced techniques like basal implants and zygomatic implants. He employs minimally invasive implant protocols to replace failing teeth with permanent, stable replacements.

Dr. Yadav focuses on providing reliable implant-supported restorations without lengthy and complex bone augmentation procedures. Conventional methods rely heavily on the quantity and quality of the patient’s jawbone. However, modalities like cortical anchorage use the inherent strength of dense basal bone for immediate implant placement, even in cases with minimal bone.

Dr. Yadav is also trained in cutting-edge computer-guided implant surgery for optimal precision. A surgical guide uses CT scan data on the patient’s anatomy. This allows implants to be positioned in the ideal location specific to the case without damaging vital anatomical structures. Guided surgery eliminates guesswork and allows for minimally invasive implant placement through small incisions, reducing bleeding and swelling.

From All-on-4 same-day full arch restorations to the planned placement of strategic implants, Dr. Yadav offers diverse options to rehabilitate function and aesthetics. By embracing technological advances, he aims to make innovative implant treatments predictable, affordable, and accessible.

The Human Touch

While new technologies and treatment modalities have allowed dentistry to progress rapidly, Dr. Rohit Yadav believes that the “human touch” is equally essential in healthcare. He ensures patients are treated with the utmost care, compassion, and personalized attention.

From the initial consultation to the completion of treatment, Dr. Yadav intricately evaluates the patient’s dental issues and overall health, concerns, and expectations. He involves the patient at every decision-making step to ensure they make well-informed choices. Open communication channels allow patients to have a satisfactory experience even if extensive procedures are applied.

His empathetic approach and warm personality instantly put patients at ease. Modern clinics and technologies can seem intimidating to many. However, his patients appreciate his friendly demeanor and ability to listen calmly. Taking time to address patient concerns before and after the treatment has allowed Dr. Yadav to consistently deliver high satisfaction levels.

The field of dentistry has made giant leaps in the services offered today compared to a decade ago. However, Dr. Rohit Yadav believes that compassion and caring will always remain at the heart of any successful healthcare practice. By combining technological brilliance with the human touch, Re-Hab Dental Centre is committed to setting new benchmarks in patient experiences under the leadership of Dr. Rohit Yadav.

by Dr. Rohit Yadav

Dr Rohit Yadav completed his Post Graduation(MDS) from the prestigious King George Medical College ,(KGMC) Lucknow, India, in the field of Prosthodontics and Oral Implantology. During his PG, he successfully treated numerous partially and completely edentulous patients using Dental Implants.He achieved his Master of Surgery (MS) in Strategic Implantology from Munich, Germany under Prof .Dr Stephen Ihde.He has been credited as a Certified International Teacher & Speaker on Strategic Implantology (International Implant Foundation) from St Petersburg, Russia.

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