Dental Implant Cost In Delhi & Teeth Replacement Cost In India

September 27, 2023by Dr. Rohit Yadav0

Dr. Rohit Yadav, New Delhi, India: Patients often inquire about the cost of dental implants in Delhi, India, and the full mouth teeth replacement cost. If you are seeking fixed permanent teeth through dental implants, you might have several concerns:

 Dental Implants Cost

  1. Worries about the cost of dental implants.
  2. Facing an extreme bone loss condition or insufficient bone for implantation.
  3. The prospect of needing Bone Grafting (Artificial Bone), which can be a significant financial burden.
  4. Annoyance at the prospect of resuming your normal diet only after 3-4 months of implantation.
  5. Concerns about a higher risk of dental implant failure due to diabetes or smoking in traditional dental implant procedures.

Dr. Rohit Yadav, a renowned and highly skilled dental surgeon based in New Delhi, India, has successfully completed numerous dental implant procedures, including challenging cases that were declined by other dental professionals. Here, he imparts his profound knowledge and expertise in the field of advanced Dental Implantology, including a detailed explanation of CorticoBasal Dental Implantology. Dr. Yadav addresses these common concerns:

  1. The Operation of Immediate Load Dental Implantation
  2. The Role of Dental Implants as Non-Natural Roots
  3. The Advantages of Immediate Loading Cortical Bone Dental Implantation.

Immediate Load Dental Implantation bypasses the need for cancellous bones, which may decline with age or conditions like osteoporosis. It utilizes cortical bones beneath cancellous bones for added stability. Dr. Yadav emphasizes that Dental Implantology encompasses various aspects, and a one-size-fits-all approach is not suitable for all patients.

The Advantages Of Immediate Loading Cortical Bone Dental Implantation Include:

  1. Long-lasting results, as cortical bones do not resorb.
  2. Elimination of the need for bone grafting or other complex bone procedures.
  3. High success rates, particularly for patients with limited bone.
  4. Reduced risk of complications and infections, such as peri-implantitis.
  5. Faster recovery and less post-procedure discomfort.
  6. Successful outcomes even in challenging cases, such as diabetic or heavy smoker patients.

Regarding the cost of dental implants in Delhi or teeth replacement cost in India, Dr. Rohit Yadav notes that cost-related queries are common among patients. He stresses that the cost of dental implants includes factors beyond the implant system itself, such as lab costs for prosthetics, professional fees, and materials. Dr. Rohit Yadav encourages patients to view the cost of dental implants as an investment in their quality of life, as the benefits often far outweigh the initial expense.

Furthermore, Dr. Rohit Yadav highlights how CorticoBasal Dental Implantology is emerging as a highly successful option, particularly for diabetic patients or those with limited bone. By avoiding complex bone surgeries like Sinus Lifts or Ridge Splits and utilizing cortical bones beneath cancellous bones, this approach simplifies the dental implant procedure, reduces recovery time, and offers successful outcomes within a short timeframe.

To select the best dental surgeon for dental implant treatment, Dr. Rohit Yadav recommends looking for professionals with specialized qualifications in dental implantology, extensive experience, and the ability to tailor treatment plans to individual patient needs, including systemic medical conditions and jaw bone quality. A successful dental implantologist should deliver both functional and aesthetic results while considering the patient’s time and budget constraints, establishing them as the best choice for dental implant treatment in India.

by Dr. Rohit Yadav

Dr Rohit Yadav completed his Post Graduation(MDS) from the prestigious King George Medical College ,(KGMC) Lucknow, India, in the field of Prosthodontics and Oral Implantology. During his PG, he successfully treated numerous partially and completely edentulous patients using Dental Implants.He achieved his Master of Surgery (MS) in Strategic Implantology from Munich, Germany under Prof .Dr Stephen Ihde.He has been credited as a Certified International Teacher & Speaker on Strategic Implantology (International Implant Foundation) from St Petersburg, Russia.

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